It all started on a table during a game of arm-wrestling between two friends. When none of them were budging they realized they are quite powerful when they joined hands. And that’s what they did – formed TABLE INDIA.

Santosh, a photographer by profession has assisted renowned photographer Suresh Natarajan before calling the shots himself. He is great in capturing human emotions and is fantastic with kids. On the other hand Satya, a cinema enthusiast, has hopped 5 big advertising agencies as a creative director. He collected loads of experience and awards before launching himself as an ad film director.

They say “We may not be the best looking people and to compensate that we do the best work to make us look good. Jokes apart, but we are very serious about enjoying what we do”

So here’s what both of them bring to the table – a bunch of mad creative brains spinning with ideas providing all Photography and Film solutions under one roof. We at ‘Table’ believe in sitting across the table and discussing the very basic. Over time we have learned that once the real need gap is identified only then can a real, workable and profitable solution be found. We are official Indian partners for two internationally acclaimed companies, Illusion and Chamni’s eye.

Illusion, based in Bangkok founded in 2001 by Surachai Puthikulangkura consists of highly specialized CGI Artists and Retouchers known for award winning craftsmanship. It’s not only about advanced CGI skill work or post-production but also emphasizing creative designs and conceptual ideas for best result.

Chamni’s eye, a Bangkok based studio & photography service with a large number of experienced and dedicated photographers caters all your needs in photography. With 15 years of experience in the business and state of art studio facility they are the best in the industry for FMCG or personal care products.

We also have an in-house retouching unit called Second Half that caters to all your print post production needs. Sounds like the one stop solution you were always looking for? Then you are at the right table fella!